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Issuing certificates

Issuing certificates

Autosol·licitud de títols

Requesting your certificate

Request your degree certificate from the Academic Management Office in the faculty or school where you have carried out your studies. You can do this either in person or online, at To make the request online, follow the instructions in this document.
If you are told that you do not meet all the requirements for obtaining your certificate, you have ten days to submit any necessary documents or raise objections.

  • Spanish national identity card, NIE (Foreign Resident Identification Number) or passport, & photocopy of that document
  • Family concession card & photocopy (if applicable).

Spanish academic certificates need to be legalised (i.e., recognized as legally valid) for legal or professional purposes outside Spain. Please keep in mind that if your degree certificate is collected by power of attorney and has not been signed by you, the holder, it cannot be legalised.
The steps in the legalisation process can vary, depending on whether your degree is official or specific to the UAB:

  • Information required to legalise your certificate of official studies can be accessed via this link.
  • Information required to legalise your certificate of UAB-specific studies can be accessed via this link.
Legalisation of the electronic Provisional Degree Certificate

When you get your Provisional Degre Certificate, if you need to have it legalised, you need to email it to, before the date of your appointment, so that it can be verified.