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Residence permit

Foreign Identification Card - TIE

UAB's International Support Service can give you assistance with the application process. You will have to apply for your Student Residence Authorization at the National Police Station of any town in the province where you are registered.

All documents must be presented in either Catalan or Spanish. If your original documents are in another language, they must be certified and accompanied by a sworn translation into Catalan or Spanish.

Documents needed:

1. Official form (EX -17) (original + 2 photocopies) Instructions to fill in the EX17 form
2. Photocopy of your passport
3. Photocopy of your Type D student visa
4. Photocopy of the EU entrance stamp or your flight ticket (boarding ticket)
5. Photocopy of your enrolment form and receipt of payment (or document accrediting you are a grant holder) 
6. Document stating the duration of your studies (e.g. acceptance letter from the university specifying the duration of the course)
7. ID card-size photos (3)
8. Certificate of census Registration

9. Tax 790 Code 012: Option "TIE que documenta la primera concesión de la autorización de residencia temporal, de estancia o para trabajadores transfronterizos."

You will be issued a provisional copy of your Student Residence Authorization Card which will be valid until you will receive the original card in one or two months. The period of validity will depend on the duration of your studies. To collect the TIE card in the police office it will also be necessaire to make an appointment through this link.

IMPORTANT: YOU MUST APPLY FOR THIS AUTHORIZATION WITHIN A PERIOD OF 30 DAYS AFTER ENTERING THE EUROPEAN UNION. For this, you will need to present your flight ticket (boarding ticket) or the stamp on your passport showing the date in which you entered the European Union.

UAB's Academic Administration Offices (Gestió Acadèmica ) will require you to present your original Student Residence Authorization Card and one photocopy to complete your enrolment process. You will have four months after your arrival to present your original card at the Academic Administration Office of your centre. If you wish to obtain the N.I.E., you will find all the necessary information at Form 91.


Documents for TIE renewal

The documents to present for the TIE card renewal vary depending on where the card on itself is asked for the first time. Once you have the affirmative response of the renewal of the permit you must ask for an appointment with the Police in order to get the fingerprints done linked to the new card. The documents you must then present would be the following ones:

1. Official form EX17 (original and copy)

2. Main page of your passaport (original and copy)

3. TIE card (previous one and copy)

4. Affirmative response for the renewal or, if you do not have it, screenshot of the webpage in where you were notified of such affirmative response

5. Appointment confirmation data.

6. ID card-size pictures (3)

7. Census registration if you have changed places since the last time

8. 790/012 Tax with the option: “Tie que documenta la renovación de la autorización de residencia temporal, de estància o para trabajadores transfonterizos” crossed out