Official Master's Degree in Economics and Business Administration


The Master in Economics and Business Administration (MEBA) is a one year full-time official master program of 60 ECTS, organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB).

It aims at providing a solid, advanced and versatile economic education to students seeking to improve their technical toolbox to analyze a broad range of current economic issues.

Career options

The MEBA intends to help students develop a critical ability in applying economics to practical scenarios and become professionals who are analytically strong and adaptable to a variety of public or private institutions: consulting firms, business associations, non-profit NGOs, think tanks, or domestic and international public institutions.

The MEBA also provides candidates with the skills necessary to continue graduate research studies in economics, management or related disciplines.

Teaching timetable

Calendar and timetable

Foreign and exchange students

Official UAB

40 places
Classroom-based learning
Credits: 60 ECTS
Beginning of the pre-enrolment period 11/01/2019
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Pre-enrolment closed
Price: €46.11 per credit (EU citizens and non-EU holding a Spanish residence permit). 2017/18 Academic year.
€75 per credit (non-EU citizens who do not hold a Spanish residence permit). 2018/19 Academic year.
Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Business Studies

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