Recovery systems

Instructions for recovery systems

Faculty degree subjects must plan recovery systems (reassessment activities) in accordance with the academic regulations of the UAB (article 112.2) and with the document approved by the Faculty of Communication Sciences Board of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, June 1, 2012 on programming of re-evaluation activities in subjects of undergraduate studies.

1. The evaluation process must always contemplate systems of recovery, except for external practices, the end of studies, and the subjects that, by their eminently practical character, do not allow it.

2. To participate in the recovery students must have been previously evaluated in a set of activities whose weight equals to a minimum of two thirds of the qualification of the subject or module.

3. To participate in the recovery process, the teacher responsible for the subject or module may require a minimum grade in the average of the subject. This rating can not exceed in any case 3.5.

4. The teacher responsible for the subject, with the approval of the coordination of studies and the center, can exclude from the recovery process those activities that, by their nature, consider that they are not recoverable, always when they do not exceed 50% of the final mark of the subject together.

5. The recovery process must be included in the teaching guide.