Recognition of CFGS credits

Recognition of CFGS credits

Students from the advanced vocational training (CFGS) courses listed below who are starting on the degrees that are also listed may apply for their CFGS credits to be recognised and added to their UAB academic transcript. Certain subjects on the corresponding degree syllabus will be recognised as passed, in accordance with the ruling of the UAB's Academic Affairs Committee.

The recognition will apply to the whole group of subjects included in this ruling and will be recorded in the students' academic transcripts as "apt" and specifying they have been recognised, which means that the subject is regarded as passed but is not taken into consideration when calculating the global average grade for the academic transcript. For further information on this, please see the section on recognition of CFGS credits on the website of the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat).

Applications and documents

Applications for credit recognition should be addressed to the office of the dean or the director of the centre where the student has registered. Applicants should attach their CFGS academic certificate and pay the corresponding fee for submitting these applications, as established in the Government of Catalonia's decree on public-sector fees. 

It is not necessary to enrol on the subjects included in the application for credit recognition.

Once recognition has been granted, the fee for adding the credits to the student's academic transcript corresponds to  the rate established in the Catalan Government Decree in respect of fees for credit validation.

Time limits

Each centre establishes its own period for credit recognition applications.

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