Special awards

Special awards

For each course a committee will select students for a special award. The selection is made from among all graduating students. Students do not apply for an award. These awards are made each academic year on the date specified in the academic and administrative calendar.

In each faculty or centre a committee made up of lecturers from that faculty or centre proposes students for a special award. These proposals, drawn up by the team of the Dean of the centre or faculty, have to be approved by the Board of the faculty or centre, after hearing the Teaching Committee. Once the Board has approved the proposal, they pass it on to the Governing Council of the UAB for final approval. The UAB informs the students concerned of the decision.

Students receiving a special award for undergraduate studies at the UAB are eligible for up to 30 academic credits free of charge when registering on an official UAB Master’s degree, deducted from the applicable overall fees for that degree. This deduction will be applied at the student’s request and separately from the registration process. It is applicable only to the first year in which the student registers for the UAB master’s degree, and must be requested within a maximum of four academic years from when the special award was notified.


To be eligible for a special award, you must have completely finished your course at the UAB and have obtained an overall grade of 8 or above.

Further information

Every academic year one special award may be conferred as far as the number of students who have finished their studies is equal to or less than 50. If the number of people finishing their studies is more than 50 and less than or equal to 100, then an additional special award can be granted, and this formula can be applied from there on.

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Royal decree 1393/2007 of 29 October 2007, which established the Planning of official university studies was abrogated by Royal decree 822/2021 of 28 September 2021, which established the organisation of university teaching and the procedure for quality control. 

UAB regulations for degrees governed by Royal Decree 822/2021