Group test for the homologation of titles

The official recognition is the process that recognizes that the training you have received to pass a degree from a foreign university is equivalent to that required to obtain a certain university degree taught in the Spanish State.
Therefore, the official recognition grants, to a foreign university degree from the date it is granted, the same effects as the Spanish degree with which it is officially recognized.

The Official recognitioncan can be requested from the General Subdirectorate of Titles, Validations and Approvals of the Ministry of Education, Social Policy and Sports or the Government Delegation in Catalonia, at the Area of High Education Inspection.


The combined exam is carried out when the official recognition is presented and deficiencies are detected to the accredited training, in relation to the training required by for obtaining the Spanish degree.

If these deficiencies are not sufficient to deny the approval, it will be conditioned to overcome some complementary training requirements.

These requirements may consist of:
- passing an aptitude test;
- the completion of an internship period;
- the realization of a project or assignment;
- the attendance to supervised courses that allow to compensate the educational deficiencies.

Test characteristics
The combined exam may be of a general or specific nature, as stated in the resolution of the Ministry.
Content of general nature: the test will include all the subjects that are part of the core subjects established following  the general guidelines of the curriculum of each official Bachelor’s degree
Content of specific nature: the test will include all the subjects that are part of the core subjects that are stated in the Official Recognition resolution. 
The syllabus of the tests will be published before the academic year begins.

Performance and evaluation of the test
To carry out and evaluate these tests, the deanship or the direction of the teaching center will appoint a qualifying tribunal, which will consist of five professors from the areas of knowledge linked to the core subjects of the requested degree.

The UAB will process the test result to the Ministry of Education, Social Policy and Sports, as well as the information requested. The teaching centers will issue a certificate certifying the result of the test at the request of the person concerned.


For the official recognition
You can request the official recognition if you have done university studies abroad and have obtained, by the Ministry, a resolution of homologation of your degree conditioned to the passing of a combined exam. The test can be done in any center of the Spanish State that teaches the official studies of the degree you want to officially recognize.
The documentation you provide will have to be legalized.

For the combined exam
To take the test, you must have formalized the corresponding enrollment within the deadline set by each center. If it is a degree that is taught in more than one center, you can only formalize the enrollment in one of the centers.

The tests are carried out twice during the academic year, on the dates established by the center. The dates will be published at least 30 working days in advance.

Announcement of January 2020

Deadline for requesting the whole test in the January call: October 31, 2019
Appointment of the courts: December 2019
Realization of the tests: Pending

Announcement of June 2018

Deadline for the application for the whole test in the call for June: Pending
Appointment of the courts: April 2018 Realization of the tests: Pending


Academic Management of the Faculty of Communication Sciences
- Document DNI / NIE (original and copy)
- Resolution of the Ministry of Education and Science (original and copy). It is mandatory that at the moment of enrollment the student present the definitive resolution of the MEC where they appear the matters that must surpass in the test of set. Application form
- Checking the payment of the public price that has been established to carry out the joint test. (Original)