First year enrolment

You can now enrol from the comfort of your home

The UAB opens its online enrolment for all new first-year students.

Enrolling online is easy! Read these step by step tips to become familiar with the process. Also check the information you can find at your bachelor's degree webpage to discover in detail the enrolment day and hour you will be assigned  by your teaching centre.

Validating credits from vocational training courses or university studies

Important: in case you want to validate credits you have already completed, please check the information found on your bachelor's degree webpage. There you will be able to verify, before starting your online enrolment process, whether you first need to submit any official records or documents, either online or in person.

Prepare your documents

If you have any discounts or pay reduced enrolment fees, but have not yet informed the university about it during your pre-enrolment process, you must digitise all pertaining documents and send them by e-mail. Please check here which discounts or price reductions you can benefit from and the documents you must submit in each case. If you have any questions, please contact your academic administration office.


Create a password for your student ID (NIU)

The UAB assigns all its students an identification number (Número d'Identificació Universitàri, NIU). You will need this number to enrol. You NIU will be your personal identification number within the UAB. This number will enable you to access all types of services, such as the virtual campus and your UAB e-mail account. Click on the following link to receive your number and create your password, once you have received the UAB welcome email: Creating a password for new students. For more informationa please visit the creating a password guide.

When can you enrol online?

Check your bachelor's degree webpage to know the day and hour when you can start your online enrolment and the end date. It is very important that you enrol on the day and hour that you are assigned. If you have any questions, you can find how to contact your academic administration office on your bachelor's degree webpage. 

Payment requirements

Enrolment fees are always paid by direct debit and can be paid in three payments, starting the day after your enrolment. You can find more information under payment methods. Calculate your enrolment fees and payment terms with the enrolment simulator.

Online enrolment

Access the application Online enrolment for new first-year students, where you will need your NIU and password, the day and hour you have been assigned on your bachelor's degree webpage. For more informationa please visit the online enrolment guide.

Any questions?

Check the online enrolment guide and find more information in the FAQs sector.

Contact us at the InfoUAB if you have any general questions about enrolment, or contact your faculty or school's academic administration office if you have specific questions about your bachelor's degree enrolment process. 

Having technical difficulties? Contact our Support and Assistance Centre (CAS) at the UAB.

Here you can find a list of all the enrolment support phones and e-mails .