1er Bioblitz UAB

The UAB invites its members to discover plants and animals on campus

The first Bioblitz UAB will take place on 6 and 7 May, with expert scientists offering guided visits around campus to members who will be able to discover different species up close. This free event includes a number of activities, such as observing how birds communicate with each other, a camera trap for monitoring small mammals, and a night route to view and study bats. Applications are open until 3 May.

Margarita Arboix i Joaquim Maria Puyal

Joaquim Maria Puyal: "It is of utmost importance to want to make yourself understood and to want to understand"

Joaquim Maria Puyal closed the series of exceptional honorary doctorates awarded in celebration of the UAB's 50th anniversary with a master class on "the will to communicate". According to the journalist: "Most important is to want to make yourself understood and to want to understand". UAB Rector Margarita Arboix congratulated him by highlighting "an exquisite care in the form, content and respect for the truth" of someone who is a "clear defender of free, honest and meticulous journalism".

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