Grant application information

Conditional grant-holder registration

Enrolment as a grant-holder

You can enrol provisionally as a grant-holder if you meet the following conditions.

1.Complying with the academic requirements for the 2020/2021 call for general‑grant applications (this is automatically checked when you enrol). 

2.Having been a UAB student and holder of a general grant in academic year 2020/2021.

3. If you took the Batxillerat or a CFGS in Catalonia in academic year 2020/2021 and you had a general grant, there is no need to do anything: we can validate your data.

4. If you took the Batxillerat or a CFGS in another Autonomous Community and you had a general grant, you need to email the 2020/2021 grant credential in advance to your faculty's Academic Management (Gestió Acadèmica) office and, later on, provide the original or an attested copy.

If you don't comply with point 2 and you wish to enrol as a provisional grant-holder, before enrolling you will need to get the financial certificate for enrolling at university without previous payment of the government-regulated fees for academic services in 2021/2022. Remember that it can take up to 10 days to get this certificate, which you can apply for on the website of the Catalan Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR). UAB receives a daily list with the resolutions on certification and updates the enrolment system so that you can enrol as a grant-holder or provisional grant‑holder. Therefore there is no need for you to send the result of your certification process.

If you have enrolled normally and obtain the credential later on, it will not be possible to modify your enrolment as a grant-holder until your application for a general grant is accepted. In this case, the university will automatically refund the part of the enrolment fee that corresponds to you. It is important to apply for this credential as soon as possible.

Remember the following:

To maintain payment exemption as a provisional grant-holder, it is necessary to apply for the general grant from the Ministry of Education. Enrolling as a grant-holder does not exempt you from applying for the General Grant or the Equity Grant: you need to make both applications regardless of how you enrolled.

The Equity grant is requested at the same time as applying for the financial credential from AGAUR, in a single step.

Remember that the Equity grant only covers the first-time enrolment fees and that the university will apply the corresponding grant-award discount in December, provided the resolution on these is made on schedule.

If the resolution on the Equity grant classifies you as Path 1, you have to apply for the general grant from the Ministry of Education. If you don't do this, you will lose the chance to get a general grant and you will be refused both grants. 

See the call for the Equity grant and the accreditation, where you will find the requirements and all information on what each grant covers. 

General grants


You can apply for the general grant only on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Education.

  • The agency responsible for handling your grant application in Catalonia is AGAUR.
  • Closely follow the instructions for submitting the application: if the application is classified as unsubmitted the Ministry will not process it, whatever the cause of the error. Check and print out the receipt showing that you have submitted it correctly.
  • Take your time filling in the application form, and make sure all your personal data and those of your family are correct, as they will be cross-checked with those held by the corresponding administrations.
  • You can trace your application's progress through the system directly through the OVT, AGAUR's virtual processing office, where this information is constantly updated.


If you have to submit documents to be added to your application, you should do this preferably through AGAUR's online processing system for generic requests. If it is impossible to do this online, you can deliver it to your faculty's Academic Management offices (Gestió Acadèmica), enclosing the certificate of application. We will send it on to AGAUR.

Your DNI/NIE number must be exactly the same on the grant application as on your enrolment. 

General information:

  • All information on academic, financial and other requirements is available on the websites of the Ministry and the AGAUR.
  • To resolve any issues when completing the Ministry's application form use the telephone numbers and email addresses provided on the Ministry's web page for recording applications.
  • If AGAUR or the Ministry turn down the grant application, the enrolment fees will be charged in accordance with UAB regulations to the account number you provided for your Gestió Acadèmica. UAB will notify you of this by email.
  • Lodging an appeal or complaint does not exempt you from paying the enrolment fees.
  • To be definitively awarded the grant you must meet the requirements of the 2021/2022 admission process, which means that having been able to enrol, or not, as a conditional grant-holder does not determine the final result of your application.

Modifications to enrolment with a grant application

Modifications to enrolment that affect the number of credits and other validations of academic requirements specified in calls may affect the resolution on the application, and also the possibility of obtaining the different types of aid. 

For this reason, if you are applying for a grant, keep in mind the academic conditions in place when you ask to modify your enrolment, especially when the modification to enrolment involves reducing the number of credits enrolled for to fewer than 60.

Equity grant

  • You can apply for the equity grant in the AGAUR website, in the Generalitat de Catalunya Virtual Office.

  • You must be an undergraduate student in one of the UAB centres.
  • You cannot have previous university studies, unless you have entirely completed in universities that apply their own private fees.
Remember that the equity grant will only cover credits enrolled for the first time and that the university will apply the corresponding grant reduction in December.

Engineering students can check the AGAUR website to find other possible reduction on their credit price with the equity grant.