Returning students' documents


Important notice for all students who are entitled to a discount or gratuity for tuition fees:

You must send any accrediting documentation for fee exemptions or discounts using the following form:

Documentation form provided by your academic-management office.

In which circumstances is it necessary to send documentation for accrediting a discount or gratuity? 

  • If the UAB already has current valid information you do not need to resend it (because you presented it at a different UAB centre the previous year, for example).
  • If the UAB has the documentation, but it is not valid, you must submit the new documentation, except if this documentation is a family concession card issued in Catalonia.

Afterwards, you must present the original or an authorised copy in person or by certified mail to your Academic Management Office before 8 November. Applicants who do not present the original documents by this date the registration fees will be modified and the corresponding amount charged.

Deadlines for Submitting Documentation

Students who are not in their first year need only present documentation relating to gratuities or discounts if these have expired, and their renewal has not previously been submitted. If you are 28 years of age or older, you must present the original and a copy of insurance that covers health care, accidents, and civil liability, and which is valid in Spain. If you wish, you can take out complementary insurance offered by the UAB at enrolment.

  • For certain subjects or degrees, it is mandatory to take out complementary insurance, which will be pre-selected at enrolment.
  • In cases where a subject requires being in contact with minors, at the start of the course, you must submit a certificate of absence of sexual offences to the centre where this subject is taught. This certifies the absence of crimes of a sexual nature. This information appears on-screen when enrolling.

Documents required for registration, but which do not need to be sent:

  • Social Security affiliation number. During the registration process you can fill in the box NUSS (Social Security affiliation number). It is no essential to fill in this box nor to present any documents. However, this information will be required by the Academic Management Office before you do any work placements.
Conditions applicable during the 2024-2025 academic year Accrediting Documentation
General grants for university studies

To be able to provisionally benefit from the status of a grant holder when enrolling and thereby, contingently, not pay the fees established by the Fees Decree as a precaution, you must have previously processed the application for a general grant for the 2024-2025 academic year and meet the academic requirements established in the pertinent call.

In September, you will have to re-submit the application form to update the data indicating the degree and university in which you have enrolled.

Equity grant Once the academic year has started, if you have not yet applied for the general grant or if you do not meet the academic requirements, you can apply for an Equity grant through AGAUR.
This grant is for qualifying undergraduate and profession-oriented master's degree students.

If your grant application is rejected, regardless of whether you can lodge an appeal against this, you must precautionarily pay the corresponding fee in a single payment, which will be charged to your bank account from the date of the application’s resolution.


Conditions applicable during the 2024-2025 academic year Accrediting Documentation
Family concession card issued by the Generalitat de Catalunya

You do not need to re-submit this if it was submitted in your first year

If at the time of enrolment you do not have a valid family concession card, you will be allowed 10 days to formally obtain one and inform your academic-management office of this

Family concession card issued by other autonomous communities

Current family concession card, only if this has been renewed since previous enrolment.

If you do not have a valid family concession card on enrolment, you will be allowed 10 days to formally obtain one and inform your academic-management office of this, before registration.

Recognised disability of 33% or above 

You must provide one of the following supporting documents in the event of it having been revised since previous enrolment: disability recognition certificate issued or validated by the Catalan Department of Social Rights; resolution or certificate issued by the Spanish National Institute of Social Security (INSS) or by a competent body in the corresponding autonomous community, or any other body established by article 2 of Spanish Royal Decree 1414/2006.

Victims of gender-based partner violence in the area (and of dependent children) (*)

Official family register in the case of dependent children up to the age of 21; certificate of coexistence of family unit in the case of children older than 21.
One of the following supporting documents: court conviction, protection order or any other judicial resolution that grants a precautionary measure in favour of the victim; report from the Public Prosecutor's Office, report from the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate or a report or certificate certifying that the applicant is being treated as a victim of gender violence, issued by one of the following services: Social Services; Unit for Combatting Domestic and Gender Violence pertaining to the General Directorate of Families in the Department of Social Rights; specialised intervention services (SIE), information and care services for women (SIAD), crime-victim care offices, public reception resources, entity subsidised by a specific Public Administration for the care of female victims of male-partner violence.* (See details.)

The presentation of the required documentation within the indicated deadlines is an essential condition to carry out the correct processing of the applicant’s academic file, to formalise new enrolment or to modify a previous enrolment and/or to request specific academic services (certificates, degrees, transfers of file, etc.).

(*) Information deriving from the agreement on criteria to determine the status of a victim of male-partner violence for the purpose of exemption from university fees approved by the Inter-University Council of Catalonia, which establishes the validity of these documents for such purposes.