Consequences of non-payment of enrolment

Consequences of non-payment of fees

Your enrolment will not be valid if you do not pay all instalments.

Failure to pay the enrolment fee and/or recognised credits on time will lead to you being considered officially in default status, as governed by the Registration Procedures of the UAB.

If you do pay the enrolment fee at a later moment, you will also need to pay an additional amount to be decided upon by the UAB Board of Trustees. For the present academic year, students who are not able to meet their instalments will be given a new instalment deadline with an additional charge which will have to be paid in the following manner:

  • Up to 3 months after enrolling, for students paying in one instalment, and from the date of the enrolment and/or the date established for the 2nd and 3rd instalments, for deferred payment students, as well as enrolment modification fees which have not been paid: 7% of the pending fee.
  • Over 3 months and up to 6 months: 11% of the pending fee.
  • Over 6 months: 15% of the pending fee.

These additional amounts are also applied when paying the fees of subjects taken in previous years.

An additional bank charge for sending the standing order again also must be taken into account, calculated at 6 per thousand (minimum 0.60 euros).

In all cases, all pending fees and corresponding charges must be paid before you enrol in a new course and/or solicit any other academic service (certificates, degrees, transfer of documents, etc.). Otherwise, you will have a default status applied for five academic years: the course in which the non-payment occurs and the following four courses. The default status will expire on the start date of the academic year following this period.