UAB Students

UAB Students

If you are enrolled in a bachelor's degree and are interested in participating in an exchange programme, you must have completed a specific number of credits, as first-year credits, required by the Academic Affairs Committee (Comissió d'Ordenació Acadèmica). In addition, you must enrol in and complete at your host university a minimum of 20 credits, to be validated at the UAB. If you are staying one semester at your host university, the number of credits is 10.

You can also participate in an exchange programme if you are enrolled in a PhD programme, a master's degree or postgraduate programme, or if you are working on your PhD thesis or research project.

Formalising your Enrolment

Once you have been accepted to a programme, you will have to enrol in the corresponding degree course. Your enrolment form will clearly state that you are an exchange student.

Modifying your Enrolment

Once you receive confirmation of having been accepted to the programme and/or receiving the corresponding aid, the exchange coordinator will be in charge of informing the academic administration office of your centre. You will then need to modify your enrolment.

Support Services

The exchange coordinator will help you in your enrolment to make sure you take subjects that can later be validated.

Subjects you can enrol in

You cannot enrol in any subjects which you have not passed at your home university unless you apply for a specific authorisation from the dean or director of your centre, who will accept or deny your request after consulting a report from the exchange coordinator and discussing it with the degree coordinator.

The number of credits you enrol in cannot exceed the permitted number of credits for the same period at the UAB.


The subjects you enrol in and the grades you obtain at your host university will appear on your student record. You will receive a certification stating the equivalences.

The grades obtained at your host university which are equated with subjects offered at the UAB will be listed in a different document from those you enrol in at the UAB. The grades you receive will be registered at the moment in which your certification of host university arrives.

If you have taken only part of an annual subject abroad, the lecturer of that subject at the UAB will give you a grade for your work here and the exchange coordinator will give you your final grade, which will correspond to the average of what you obtain here and the grade you received by your host university.