Academic progress

Academic progress

You must enrol in all basic and compulsory modules which you have not passed before enrolling in new modules. Optional modules can be substituted with other different optional modules.

If you are enrolled in a bachelor's or master's degree you have the right to enrol in a specific module three times. The grades "Absent", "Non-assessable" or "Fail" also count toward these three enrolment opportunities. If you do not pass the module after the third exam, you will need to apply for an extraordinary enrolment process.

To enrol in second-year subjects, you must have passed a minimum of 12 credits from your first year; to enrol in third-year subjects, you must have passed a minimum of 60 credits from your first and second years; to enrol in fourth-year subjects, you must have passed at least all first-year subjects and at least a total number of 120 credits in subjects from the first three years. In order to enrol in your Final Project course, you must have passed a minimum of two-thirds of the degree syllabus.

You can request a total or partial cancellation of your enrolment within the period assigned for these purposes in the Academic and Administrative Calendar. Cancelling the enrolment however does not automatically entitle you to the reimbursement of your enrolment fee. Fees will be reimbursed only in exceptional cases which are duly justified.

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Royal decree 1393/2007 of 29 October 2007, which established the Planning of official university studies was abrogated by Royal decree 822/2021 of 28 September 2021, which established the organisation of university teaching and the procedure for quality control. 

UAB regulations for degrees governed by Royal Decree 822/2021