Extraordinary call for the end of studies

Extraordinary call for the end of studies

The extraordinary call for the end of studies will consist of a test of synthesis in which the learning results defined in the teaching guides of the subject or module of the previous course will be assessed solely and exclusively.

You can request this call if you have enrolled all the credits needed to complete the studies. Your request will have to cover all the subjects or modules that need to be overcome.
The subjects or modules for which you request the application must not have been registered for the first time in the same academic year, except for the final project or practical work.

Place of request
You must complete it at the Academic Management of the center and address it to the deanship or the address of your center.

Time limit
The term is established by the academic and administrative calendar approved by the Governing Council of the UAB. Documentation to be submitted Application form (original and copy) Document accrediting the activities that can be obtained academic recognition and that still do not appear in the student's file, as the case may be.

Document certifying having passed the practical or special situation of advanced completion, if applicable.

Extraordinary call for the end of studies.