"Historical Notes on the Einstein-Rosen Bridge"

Conferència Lamberti

El professor i investigador Pedro W. Lamberti, del Departament de Física de la Universitat Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina), impartirà un seminari al CEHIC, el dijous 16 de gener


In 1935 A. Einstein and collaborators published two high impact papers, one in May and the other in September. Even though these papers dealt with apparently disconnected topics, an interesting connection between them has recently been suggested. The first one turned out to be one of the works with the greatest impact on physics, now known as the Einstein-Podolski-Rosen argument; the second one introduced the idea of a “wormhole”. The eventual connection between the Einstein-Rosen Bridge and the entanglement triggered our interest in revisiting the history behind the Einstein- Rosen work. Here we discuss the historical context of the original paper and some controversies originated from its publication.


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