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The UAB Foundation creates a new pre-university programme for foreign students

Estudiants estrangers durant una visita cultural a Barcelona

In September a new edition of the newly created Foundation Year programme will begin, which will prepare international students to achieve a B2 in Spanish and guide them to university studies.


This academic programme, which will begin next academic year, will aim to help foreign students gain access to higher education at the FUAB and the UAB (CFGS, bachelor's and master's degrees) or at other Spanish universities.

Spanish classes up to B2 level

The language is one of the main obstacles for international students to come to Spanish universities. For this reason, the Foundation Year programme aims to enable them to achieve a B2 level, which is necessary for them to successfully complete their studies.

The Spanish classes, run by UAB Idiomes, will be 20 hours a week and will begin in September 2023 for people with no basic knowledge of the language. Students with an A2 level will be able to join the programme in January 2024. Once they have completed the programme, students will receive a certificate of accreditation of their Spanish level (SIELE).

Academic skills and transferable credits

From January, students will take a compulsory subject, Academic Skills, which will enable them to obtain key academic resources and skills for the university world.

The course will give ECTS credits that can be validated at the FUAB Training School, specifically in the degrees in Tourism, Tourism in English and Hotel Management (3 credits), and in the degree in Prevention and Integral Safety (6 credits).

Students who pass the Foundation Year programme can apply for admission to FUAB and UAB degrees, in addition to other universities, through university pre-enrolment and validation of their studies.

Guidance service for access to future studies

During the programme, each student will receive guidance and advice on how to prepare for university pre-enrolment, the degree recognition process or the application for admission to a master's degree.

The experience will include 3 guided visits to the UAB campus and the UAB Foundation facilities, where faculties and centres will hold information and guidance sessions on degrees.

Seminars on different subjects

One of the objectives of the programme is to introduce students to university subjects of general interest.

There will be a total of 10 seminars given by university lecturers on subjects such as urban planning and smart cities, the history of Catalonia, critical thinking, nanoscience and nanotechnology, intercultural communication, introduction to finance and robotics, among others.

A unique life experience in Barcelona

During the stay, leisure activities and cultural visits will be organised to get to know Barcelona and different parts of the Catalan territory. These visits allow you to have a more immersive experience of the local culture and to discover other places of tourist and cultural interest.