Bachelor's Degree in Tourism - English

This degree is 100% in English and offers training in the management and organisation of the tourist sector with the aim of preparing you to become a versatile and enterprising professional with an international vocation

Video of the Bachelor's Degree inTourism

The bachelor's degree in Tourism offers you a training experience closely linked to professional practices and the professional world. It offers:

  • knowledge and skills in business management and organisation of tourist activities, destinations, services and resources, with innovation and sustainability as central axes
  • mastery of up to 4 foreign languages, accredited by the UAB Languages Service
  • teaching 100% in English. An equivalent to the B2 Level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is recommended. No specific level exam must be taken.
  • exchanges with over 75 universities
  • three specialisations:
  • Tourism Business Management
  • Tourism Planning and Commercialisation
  • Hotel Management
  • academic continuity with a variety of master's degrees and PhD programmes. 

You will receive tailored academic and professional support to guide you professionally which includes:

  • Over 700 work placement positions in top quality local and international businesses and entities.
  • Interaction with the labour market through professional activities and mentoring.
  • Facilities located on campus, such as the Hotel Exe Campus, where you can put into practice your theoretical knowledge.

Jobs bank with 93% of graduates entering the labour market.

Career options

The versatility of graduates in Tourism means they can work in many roles within the tourism sector and other related sectors:
- Tourism establishments, services, promotion agencies and offices.
- Companies dealing with the complementary tourism offer associated with the place of destination and thematic tourist activities.
- Accommodation companies. Reception, banquets and conventions, quality and customer care departments and purchasing and sales personnel.
- Companies related to the creation, distribution and commercialisation of advisory services and products for tourism wholesalers and travel agents.
- Tourism research for public and private institutions.
- Consultancies.
- Teaching.
- Business start-up.

"English is one of the most important languages and it offers us opportunities throughout our lives. I think it is a very good chance to improve my professional career and be more effective in my field: tourism."
Zhongzhi Zhang

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