Degrees modification


In the frame of the continuous monitoring process of a university degree it is possible to detect improvement needs. This improvement needs, in some cases, involve the modification of the validated programme. This modification will be managed according to the corresponding modification process of a university degree.

Therefore, the submission of modifications will always be the result of the monitoring process of a university degree and consequently every official degree can be submitted to this process once per year at the most.

According to the document produced by AQU ”Processes for the communication and/or evaluation of the modifications introduced in university degrees”, depending on their typology modifications can be classified on:

Non-substantial modifications: minor changes that improve the degree and that the university can implement as a result of the monitoring process. These changes are gathered on the monitoring reports and are included in the degree curricula report when it has to be submitted to a monitoring process.

Substantial modifications: changes on the validated degree that involve alterations in its structure or in its nature and goals. At the same time these substantial modifications can be classified in two typologies:

a) Authorizable: changes that affect the degree structure but don’t involve a change in its nature and goals. Application for these changes is made through the modification process.

b) Non-authorizable: Substantial changes that affect the nature and goals of the validated programme and that the application to them cannot be made through the modification process. This way, these modifications that have an impact on the administrative definition of the degree or on its academic essential characteristics, involve starting a degree validation process.

Normativa i documents
PC8A Modificació de titulacions de Grau i de Màster Universitari
PC8B Extinció de titulacions de Grau i de Màster Universitari
Normativa i metodologia d'AQU
Normativa de la UAB aplicable als estudis universitaris regulats de conformitat amb els plans d'estudis regulats pel RD 1393/2007
Normativa sobre organització acadèmica complementària de la normativa acadèmica de caràcter general de la UAB
Document UAB de tipologia de modificacions de graus i màsters
Document UAB de tipologia de modificacions de programes de doctorat

Documents de suport. Models
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Proposta de modificació de Programa de Doctorat
Proposta d'extinció
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Consideracions acadèmiques en la planificació docent dels estudis UAB (Versió revisada 2021)
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Guia per treballar i avaluar les competències generals de la UAB
Marc general per a la incorporació de la perspectiva de gènere en la docència universitària (AQU)