Teaching quality



The following are the most frequently asked questions about using the application. We hope that these will help you to resolve any queries you have:

I am trying to access the application but it won’t let me.

Please contact the Computer Assistance Service (CAS) to reset the password.

There are some items missing from the list of competences and learning outcomes

This list is a preview of the data input into the application. If there are errors in any of the competences or learning outcomes please get in touch with the Office for Teaching Quality (OQD) as soon as possible (oqd.guies.docents@uab.cat).

I have assigned competences to different subjects but the application won’t let me continue.

The application does a check on the subjects, competences and learning outcomes so that:

- all subjects have to have at least one competence assigned to them
or- all competences and learning outcomes must be assigned to at least one subject.

You should therefore check that all the competences have been correctly assigned. If you are still unable to continue please take a screen shot showing the problem and send it to the OQD (oqd.guies.docents@uab.cat).

The study guide contains an error but I cannot change it because it is already published.

Please evaluate the importance of the error and if it is essential that it should be changed please contact the OQD (oqd.guies.docents@uab.cat).

I cannot see some sections of the application.

This could be due to screen resolution problems. The application is optimised for a screen resolution of 1024x768. To see all the sections try resetting your screen resolution or use Ctrl – to reduce the screen size.