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Study Guides application

Study Guides application

Information about study guides for the 2024-2025 academic year

The application for producing Study Guides has been developed to document the way in which a subject or module is organised and so that it is available on the UAB website, the Online Campus and the Digital Document Repository (DDD).

The objectives of the application are:

  1. To set out the objectives, competences, learning outcomes, contents, activities and assessment system for each of the subjects or modules taught on UAB programmes, as well as give information about the primary lecturer and details of the subject (code, place, etc.).
  2. Ensure that the competences and learning outcomes have been programmed in accordance with the accreiditation report for the degree qualification.
  3. Set out the annual planning for the subject or module specifying the number of groups, the teaching team, the teaching language(s), the learning activities, the submission of coursework and projects and the assessment arrangements.
  4. Ensure that this documentation is available for publication and transparency on other services such as the UAB Website or the Online Campus.
  5. Offer support for the monitoring and accreditation of the university’s educational programmes.
  6. Ensure a shared style for all Study Guides at the university independently o the centre and the degree qualification.

To download the Study Guide User Manual: 
User Manual for Bachelor’s Degrees (PDF)
User Manual for Master’s Degrees (PDF)

If you have any questions about Study Guides you can send them to oqd.guies.docents@uab.cat and we will answer within three days.