Teaching quality

The VSMA framework

The life-cycle of a degree. Description

The Royal Decree 822/2021 on the organisation of recognised university degrees, regulates the life cycle of a degree.


The VMMA framework links the processes of validation, monitoring, modification and accreditation of the quality of the recognised degrees in Catalonia, with the following purposes:

  • To guarantee a continuing evaluation of the development of the teaching curricula.
  • To promote the culture of quality and the accountability report
  • To give support to transparency, leadership and social recognition of the university

The VMMA gives a structured and integrated vision of the four processes of quality assurance that will take place during the life cycle of teaching degrees.

New way of elaboration of a degree

The Universities are responsible to create and propose, according to the established rules, the teaching curricula they give, without being subject to any previous catalogue established by the Government. The process of a degree follows different stages: validation (or previous accreditation), authorisation (by the autonomical government), monitoring, modification and accreditation.

Validation: previous accreditation (ex ante) of a new degree that constitutes the first stage of the life cycle of a degree.

Monitoring: yearly analysis of the development of the implementation of a degree

Modification: inclusion of improvement measures as a result of the monitoring process

Accreditation: evaluation of the quality of a degree that allows renewing the authorisation of implementation of a degree

New measuring instrument

The ECTS credits. The ECTS credits have been adopted as the unit of measure that reflects the learning outcomes and the workload carried out by the student to reach the goals established in the study programme.

Rules and documents

RD 822/2021 on the organisation of recognised university degrees
Framework for the validation (ex-ante assessment), monitoring, modification and accreditation of recognised degrees
Guidelines for the development of the VMMA framework
Presentation of the AQU VMMA framework