List of official master's degree belonging to the field of history, philosophy, art and design
Name Type Places Modality
Analysis and Management of the Artistic Heritage Official UAB 25 places Classroom-based learning
Analytic Philosophy Inter-University
Ancient Mediterranean Inter-University
Applied Philosophy Inter-University 20 places
Archival and Records Management Official UAB 60 places Classroom-based learning
Contemporary History Inter-University 30 places
Digital Humanities and Heritage Inter-University 30 places
Egyptology Official UAB 30 places (20 on-site and 10 virtual))
Global East Asian Studies Official UAB 20 places
History of Science: Science, History and Society Inter-University 25 places Classroom-based
Medieval European Identity Inter-University
Musicology, Musical Education and Interpretation of Early Music Official UAB 50 places Classroom-based learning.
Prehistoric Archaeology Official UAB 20 places
Research in Art and Design Official UAB 35 places
Tourism Management in Cultural Heritage Official UAB 20 places