List of official master's degree belonging to the field of history, philosophy and art
Name Type Places Modality
Analysis and Management of the Artistic Heritage Official UAB 25 places Classroom-based learning
Analytic Philosophy Inter-University
Ancient Mediterranean Inter-University
Applied Philosophy Inter-University 20 places
Archival and Records Management Official UAB 60 places Classroom-based learning
Classical Archaeology Inter-University
Contemporary History Inter-University 30 places
Digital Humanities and Heritage Inter-University 30 places
Egyptology Official UAB 25 places
Global East Asian Studies Official UAB 20 places
History of Science: Science, History and Society Inter-University 25 places Classroom-based
Medieval European Identity Inter-University
Musicology, Musical Education and Interpretation of Early Music Official UAB 50 places Classroom-based learning.
Prehistory, Antiquity and the Middle Ages Official UAB 25 places Classroom-based learning
Research in Art and Design Official UAB 35 places
Tourism Management in Cultural Heritage Official UAB 20 places