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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Institut d'Història de la Ciència

Doctoral studies

The PhD in History of Science seeks to train expert researchers in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine. From its privileged interdisciplinary status, research in the history of science is an essential link to overcome the barriers that separate the humanistic and scientific cultures. For this reason, the programme welcomes a diverse selection of students who are united by their interest in the study of the relations between science and society.  

The discipline’s analysis tools, with history as their pillar, enable us to provide an informed view of the relevant role science has in today’s society.

*Coordinator of the PhD studies in History of Science at the UAB

*Annual PhD reviews 2023-2024: June 25th & 26th 2024.
*Progress report deadline: June 14th 2024, 
following the 3rd. point of this document.


Annual PhD reviews 2023-2024: June 25th & 26th 2024.
Annual PhD review 2022-2023  [June 28th & 29th]
Evaluation and the annual PhD review (2021-2022) [June 28th and 29th]
Annual PhD review [June 28th and 29th]
Thesis of the PhD programme in History of Science



PhD STUDENTS (2022-2023)