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Communication list

hct-l is a public email list devoted to the History of Science, Technology and Medicine. The list was created by the Centre d'Història de la Ciència (CEHIC) of the UAB on the initiative of the Societat Catalana d'Història de la Ciència i de la Tècnica (SCHCT).

The list is a tool to disseminate information between people interested in the History of Science, in general. The information sent includes links to webpages, announcements about PhD theses, conferences and debates.

The information page about the list, through which people can subscribe or unsubscribe, is only accessible from a computer connected to the UAB network.

You can manage the subscription from any computer, including those that are not connected to the UAB network, using the automatic subscription system:

Subscribe: Send a message with no content to hct-l-request@llistes.uab.cat

Unsubscribe: Send a message with no content to hct-l-leave@llistes.uab.cat

You can also send a message to the administrator of the list.


To send a message to all the list members, send an email to cehic-l@llistes.uab.cat.