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The Institut d'Història de la Ciència is governed by a General Council, a Management Team, a Academic Commission, and Advisory Council.


Management team:

Director: Agustí Nieto-Galan

Assistant director: Xavier Roqué

Secretary: Jaume Sastre Juan

Spokesperson 1: Mònica Balltondre (PhD coordinator)

Spokesperson 2: Carlos Tabernero (Masters coordinator)

Technical secretariat: Elena Fernández


The IHC has an Academic Commission for the PhD degree and Teaching Commission for the Master that plan formation, tutoring of students and assist them where needed. Additionally, the Institut has a Commission for Work in Progress and a Commission for Seminars that committed to the transfer of knowledge of science through the organization of academic dissemination activities.There is also a Spaces Commission, and a Teaching Commission that has the task of debating and eventually resolving issues that affect the academic organization and coordination of the Degree.


General Regulation of the Institut d'Història de la Ciència