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Members of the IHC teach in different degree programmes in the faculties of Ciències, Biociències, Medicina, Filosofia i Lletres i Psicologia in the UAB. These subjects address the development of science, technology and medicine throughout history, taking into account their social, political and cultural dimension.

For students in the fields of science, engineering and health sciences, history helps them to understand science as an institution in transformation and dialogue with its surroundings. Students become aware of the ethical dimension of the research activity and of its influence on society as a whole.

In the case of students in the fields of Arts, Humanities and Social Science, the subjects provide students with basic techno-scientific knowledge and they create links between the different fields of knowledge.

With the introduction of the new degree in Science, Technology and Humanities (UAB-UAM-UC3M), the distinctions between fields of knowledge are beginning to fade as the study of science is addressed from a more comprehensive perspective.

The information of each subject can be found in this study guides

Clinical Care Practice I
Bachelor's degrees: Medicine
Year: 1
Teachers: Eva de Cardona, Anna Macaya, Anyely Marin, Jorge Molero

History of Biology
Bachelor's degrees: Biology, Biomedical Sciences
Year: 4
Teachers: Carlos Tabernero

History of Genetics
Bachelor's degrees: Medicine, Genetics
Year: 4
Teacher: Carlos Tabernero

History of Mathematics
Bachelor's degrees: Mathematics, Physics & Mathematics
Year: 4
Teacher: Xavier Roqué

History of Psychology
Bachelor's degrees: Psychology
Year: 1
Teachers: Mònica Balltondre, Silvia C. Levy, Sergi Mora

History of Physics
Bachelor's degrees: Physics, Physics & Chemistry, Physics & Mathematics
Year: 4
Teachers: Xavier Roqué

History of Science
Bachelor's degrees: Philosophy, Humanities
Year: 1
Teachers: Miquel Carandell, Sergi Grau, Agustí Nieto-Galan, Xavier Roqué, Jaume Sastre 

Introduction to Health Sciences
Bachelor's degrees: Medicine
Year: 1
Teachers: Carlos Acosta, Mónica Alcala, Eva de Cardona, Anna Macaya, Anyely Marín, Jorge Molero, José Sánchez Aldeguer, Jaume Sastre

Medicine, Cinema and Literature
Bachelor's degrees: Medicine
Year: 2
Teacher: Carlos Tabernero

Philosophy of Technology
Bachelor's degrees: Philosophy
Year: 3 / 4
Teacher: Jaume Sastre

Physiotherapy, History and Society
Bachelor's degrees: Physiotherapy
Year: 4
Teachers: Mónica Alcala, Eva de Cardona, Anyely Marin, Jorge Molero

Science and Gender
Bachelor's degrees: Sociocultural Gender Studies
Year: 3
Teachers: Anna Macaya, Anyely Marín, Jorge Molero