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Transformative agreements with magazine publishers

In the Frequently Asked Questions below you will find all the information regarding the agreements with Elsevier, Springer Nature, American Chemical Society (ACS) and Wiley.

A transformative agreement is the contract negotiated between a consortium or a university with a publisher of scholarly journals where the subscription model that was in force until then is changed. The terms of the contract go from "paying to read" to "paying to read and to publish in open access." 

For the author of the article, it means being able to choose between publishing free of charge or getting lower APC fees.

Article Processing Charges (APC) are the fees a publisher charges to authors to publish in open access journals (golden journals) or in subscription journals that allow their article to be published open access. (hybrid journals). 

The UAB, within the framework of the Consortium of University Services of Catalonia (CSUC), takes part in the transformative agreements that CRUE-CSIC has negotiated with Elsevier, Springer, ACS and Wiley.

The PDI group must comply the following criteria:

  • Corresponding authors of the article
  • First UAB affiliation
  • Scientific production in EGRETA, with public visibility
  • ORCID code reported in EGRETA, with public visibility
  • Scientific production in DDD

If the applicants comply with these criteria, they will be sent an email reporting the commitments linked to be able to have the APC free of charge and will have to answer by accepting the conditions. The accomplishment of all the conditions will be checked.


PhD students group must comply the following criteria:

  • First author
  • Corresponding author of the article
  • First UAB affiliation

PhD students with a non UAB thesis director will receive, as a maximum, two APC along their PhD.

In both groups the requests will be assigned by order of arrival while vouchers last.


After checking if the researcher complies with the UAB criteria to get the APC funding, a mail will be sent with the commitments that must be accepted to obtain the APC. These commitments are the following:

  • The article will be added in EGRETA with public visibility and no restrictions  
  • The Library Service will deposit the article in the Dipòsit Digital de Documents de la UAB 
  • The research data associated with the article will be deposited in the Dipòsit Digital de Documents de la UAB or in a CSUC repository


No. You can see the journals included: Elsevier, Springer Nature and American Chemical Society (ACS) and Wiley. 

PDI and UAB doctoral students, who are authors of correspondence for an article in one of the journals of the publishers who have signed the agreement, may choose to apply for a free APC once they have passed the peer review and they state that their affiliation is the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Depending on the number of requests received, other additional criteria may be established to be eligible for the APCs. 

Once you have gone through the peer review process, the publisher will inform you that your institution can offer you free APC and you can get it from the same publisher platform. You will be notified later if your request has been accepted or denied.  

It is the correspondent who has to apply for free APC and the request will go to the university where the author is affiliated. 

If the applicant (correspondent) is affiliated with two different universities that have signed the agreement, he will have to choose through the publisher's platform to send his application to one of the institutions.