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24 Mar 2021
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Carlos Tabernero, "La venganza de la naturaleza. 50 narrativas en torno al medio ambiente". Colección: Filmografías esenciales


Abstract: We live in a world of environmental crossroads: pollution of land, air and water, overexploitation of resources, rampant greenhouse gas emissions, systematic destruction of ecosystems and biodiversity, and demographic and socioeconomic imbalances in the delusion of rampant consumption and our colonial, class, gender and race reclusions, which inevitably confront us with our ways of living and dying.With cinema, which offers us endless ways to look at ourselves in our communities, we can explore with peculiar narrative freedom our ways of understanding nature, our expectations, our misgivings, the profound contradictions in the way we organize ourselves and to build, historically, the environment in which we dream, suffer and love.Cinema shows us that the revenge of nature is nothing more than a terrifying pretext, and that the solutions of the destruction of the environment do not inhabit the realm of any kind of providence, but of our will.