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First competitive R&D project of the Institute's awarded to researchers Lluís Capdevila and Eva Parado

15 Jun 2020
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Drs. Lluís Capdevila and Eva Parrado, members of the Institute and the consolidated research group Lifestyle, Sports and Health (2017 SGR 1701), will be the main researchers of the coordinated four-year R+D+I project of the Ministry of Science and innovation on Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) in the effort and recovery of athletes and practitioners.

Retos Colaboración 2019 I+D+I

The coordination of the project Unobtrusive methods, algorithms and tools for Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) of the effort/recovery process in athletes and physical activity practitioners will be assumed by the UAB. The project will be carried out during the period 2020-2024 and will have two sub-projects implemented by the UAB and the UPC. This has been one of the 158 projects funded by the State Research Agency in the call "Challenges Collaboration 2019" within the framework of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2017-2020,

The team of the subproject led by UPC researchers, Drs. Juan Ramos Castro and Miguel A. García González, will investigate the discrete methods to control the effort/recovery process based on the analysis of sleep quality and the estimation of the external and internal load balance. For its part, the UAB-led subproject will work on EMA-based strategies to improve the recovery of the effort and well-being of athletes and the general population using mHealth technology.

The project is part of the line of work of the consolidated research group Lifestyle, Sport and Health (2017 SGR 1701). The group was created in 2005 and is coordinated by Dr. Lluís Capdevila. The overall goal is to develop and apply healthy lifestyle markers in different target populations: athletes, school-age children, the elderly, hospital patients such as chronic fatigue patients, and also in animal models. Strategies for health promotion are developed from the interdisciplinary study of the health impact of lifestyles such as regular exercise, eating behaviour and stress control.