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The Erasmus+ program is the EU program in the fields of education, training, youth and sport. The Erasmus+ funds that finance this call come from the Erasmus+ program KA131 2021-2027.
Action 1 of this Erasmus+ program includes the mobility of staff from Higher Education Institutions in the program countries: the 27 member states of the European Union, the countries of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and the Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.

The United Kingdom participates in the Erasmus+ program 2021-2027 as a non-associated third country in the program, in region 14. Non-associated third countries are those that do not fully participate in the Erasmus+ program, but can take part in certain actions of the program .

Switzerland is outside the Erasmus+ program, but the places agreed with higher education institutions in that country will be offered during this call. People who obtain a place in a destination in Switzerland will not be able to receive financial aid from the European Union, and will have to process the funding directly with the Swiss government (Swiss-European Mobility Programme)

Mobility and grants will be subject to the regulations and restrictions that may be issued by the authorities in relation to the health situation and the continuity of exchange programs and/or the acceptance of staff by the destination university.

Call Mobility PTGAS 2023-24

You will find information on universities that organize specific activities for PAS (Erasmus Staff Week) mobility stays in the EU staff week mobility search engine.

ECIU member universities (more information on the UAB website) have signed a multilateral Erasmus+ Mobility Agreement, with the aim of enhancing the existing exchange and supporting new types of mobility (virtual, mixed, focused in challenges and microcredentials). This agreement allows the mobility of students and staff (teaching staff and administration).

It is also possible to stay at other universities even if they do not specifically organize Erasmus weeks for the PAS, as long as the destination institution accepts it and delivers the duly signed and stamped Training Mobility Agreement to the applicant.

Also, there is the possibility of doing these stays in other types of institutions than not
whether in higher education or in companies, as long as the destination institution accepts it and delivers the duly signed and stamped Work Plan to the applicant. You can consult the institutions participating in the Erasmus program at the link.

In any case, those interested must contact the destination universities directly to find out if they accept them before doing any other procedures with the ARI.
Procedure to be followed to apply for this schoolarship
To apply for an Erasmus+ training mobility grant you must:

  • Fill out the application form at the end of this page.
  • Attach the duly completed and signed work plan (Annex 2) indicating the purpose and approximate dates of the stay, or the invitation letter or e-mail from the foreign university.
  • The applications (Appendix 3) must be submitted as a generic application to the UAB's electronic website.

In case of change of dates and/or destination, the duly completed and signed application modification document (Annex 4) and the corresponding invitation letter must be submitted. These documents must also be submitted to the UAB's electronic headquarters.

If the same applicant submits more than one application, they must be prioritized and only the one prioritized first will be taken into account. The other request(s) will be resolved in the fifth resolution if funds are available.

PAS 2023 application form
Erasmus+ PAS 2022-23 Application Modification Model

Resolutions for which Erasmus mobility training places for UAB PTGAS are awarded

  • 1st resolution: October 2, 2023 for applications received from July 20 to July 31, 2023 and from September 1 to 15, up to a maximum of 20% of available grants will be granted.
  • 2nd resolution: 17th November 2023 for applications received between 16th September and 31st October 2023, a maximum of 20% of available grants will be granted.
  • 3rd resolution: 19 January 2024 for applications received between 1 November and 22 December 2023, a maximum of 20% of available grants will be granted.
  • 4th resolution: 15 March 2024 for applications received between 8 January and 1 March 2024, up to a maximum of 20% of available grants will be granted.
  • 5th resolution: May 17, 2024 for applications received between March 2 and April 30, 2024, a maximum of 20% of available grants will be granted.
  • Extraordinary resolution: 28 June 2024 for applications received between 24 May and 20 June 2024, the rest of the grants available for stays until the maximum date of 31 July 2024 will be granted.


In the event of a waiver, the beneficiary of the grant will notify it by e-mail (erasmus.staff', as soon as possible, to the International Relations Area in order to be able to redeem the financial aid among the applications that have been on the waiting list.


First resolution 2023-24 October 2023

Second resolution 2023-24 November 2023

Third resolution 2023-24 January 2024

Fourth resolution 2023-24 March 2024

For stays of 3 or more days you must request the corresponding permission in the Administration and Services Staff Area from the time management application in the Permissions and other time requests section.

The payment of the grant is subject to the presentation of all the following attached documentation:

1- Annex Original Subsidy Agreement, signed by the interested party before the stay
2- Training Mobility Agreement signed by the host university. You must complete the missing data and send a scanned copy to

3- Original stay certificate signed and stamped by the host university where the training days are indicated.

Once you have completed your stay, you will receive an email with an online survey (Erasmus Participant Report Request) that is mandatory to answer.

The payment of the grants will be processed by bag, applying the corresponding personal income tax

In the case of the staff of affiliated centres, the payment will be made through the affiliated centre and a certified photocopy of the receipts of the expenses must be presented to us.

The Department of Economics and Finance will not pay off any trip if the documentation that justifies it arrives later than the maximum period of 6 months from the date of the trip.

The documentation can be delivered by internal mail or personally to:

International Relations Area
Building N - Civic Square