Mobility programmes map

Erasmus+: The Erasmus + Study Programme makes it easier for students enrolled in European universities to stay at another European university (from three months to a full academic year) and to have their studies recognized abroad. 

Erasmus+ ECIU University: ECIU University is an initiative of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) which aims to create a pioneering and innovative higher education institution model on a European scale, which works as an open and flexible system . The final mission of the ECIU University project is to establish a European University where students, researchers, companies, citizens, public organizations and associations can create innovative solutions to solve real life challenges, and generate a real social impact.

UAB Exchange Programme: The UAB Exchange Programme enables students enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's degree at our university to spend an academic semester or an entire year at a foreign university that does not participate in the Erasmus + programme. 

SICUE: The SICUE programme offers undergraduate students the opportunity to carry out exchange stays at other Spanish universities. 

Xarxa Vives is an association of non-profit universities that strengthens relations between university institutions of Catalonia, the Valencian Community, the Balearic Islands, Northern Catalonia and Andorra and also other territories with geographical, historical, cultural and linguistic links. It aims to create a university space that allows the coordination of teaching, research and cultural activities and promotes the use and normalization of the Catalan language. The DRAC program (Teaching, Research and Cultural Activities) aims to promote the mobility of the entire university community of the Vives Network through grants.

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