Closed parking

Closed parking

Closed cycle parking at the UAB is a service offering a parking cage with an electronic lock and metal supports for the bicycles.

There is capacity for 20 bikes and sockets for charging electric bikes.

Anyone on the university campus with a university identity number (NIU) can use these parking places, with the exception of the one located next to the Ferrocarrils railway station which can be used by anyone.

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The parking service is free during the promotion period, the duration of which has yet to be decided.

The consumption of electricity for charging electric bikes will not be charged for during this promotional period and neither will the card issued for access to the facilities.

Any changes in this regard will be decided by the governing bodies of the UAB and will be communicated to users with 15 days’ notice.


The BiciUAB closed parking works with a contactless card.

To obtain a card for use at the cycle park please contact the Mobility Planning and Management Unit at:


For more information you can contact the BiciUAB Service directly:
By phone on 93 675 45 70
From Monday to Friday: 10h-14h and 16h-20h.
Saturday: 10h-14h

By email:

The BiciUAB Service is located at the FGC-Universitat Autònoma railway station. See the location here.

Opening hours: 
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12.30pm to 3.30pm

1. DEFINITION OF THE SERVICE. Closed cycle parking at the UAB is a cage parking service with an electronic lock and sockets for charging electric bicycles.

2. TIMETABLE. The service is available from 6am to 10pm 365 days a year, with the exception of the bicycle parking cage at the FGC-UAB which can be used when the trains are running. People contracting the service must respect this timetable unless exceptional circumstances can be justified (rain, breakdown etc.).

3. RATES. The service and the electricity consumption is free of charge until further notice.

4. ACCESS CARD. Access to the bicycle parking places is granted via a contactless card which is the exclusive property of the UAB. This card is issued by the Mobility  Planning and Management Unit of the UAB (UPGM) and carries a deposit of €10. The card is issued to the user on the payment of the deposit in the following account: ES8501826035410201627554 (BBVA) with the description: "Name and surname BiciUAB". No other form of payment will be accepted. Once the payment has been made users of the service must send the proof of payment from the bank in PDF format to the UPGM by mail ( to formalise the contract.

The card must be returned to the UAB in all cases of cancellation or substitution. The deposit will be returned by bank transfer only if the card is returned in good condition and valid for use. The deposit will not be returned if: it is lost or stolen; if it is not in a good condition or unusable, except in cases where malfunction is due to day to day use; if it has been cancelled by the UAB for not respecting the conditions of use set out in the contract; where the UAB decides for a justified reason not to the return it. If the user of the service requests a new card as a result of the card being lost or stolen, in poor condition or not fit for use, they will have to pay a new deposit.

5. USE. The number of places offered in this service is limited. Users must make regular use of the service. In the case of high demand or unavailability of cards and if the user of the service repeatedly fails to comply with this requirement, the UAB will cancel the contract, deactivate the card and offer the place to somebody else.

a. Keep the card in good condition.
b. Immediately notify loss or robbery of the card by email or telephone 93 581 46 43. 
c. Return the card to the UAB whenever it is cancelled or has to be substituted.
d. Accept the conditions of use and the operation of the service described above.
e. Use the facilities responsibly and exclusively for the purpose for which they are designed. 
f. Give contact details to the UAB for any possible communications about the service.

a. Adopt the necessary measures to cancel or deactivate the card if it is lost or stolen or falsified, etc. 
b. Maintain the facilities in good condition.
c. Deal with any malfunctions or problems which prevent the use of the service as quickly as possible. The UAB is not responsible for the temporary impossibility of using the service as a result of malfunction, pressure drop or electrical problems, etc. In cases where it is impossible to get the bicycle out of the parking place the university undertakes to return it to the user in perfect condition in the shortest time possible.
d. Make and keep a register of all the operations carried out using the card.
e. Take out civil responsibility insurance for the facilities. 
f. Inform users of the service of any changes in the conditions with at least 15 working days’ notice.

8. OPERATION OF THE SERVICE. Once the card has been activated and issued by the Mobility Planning and Management Unit after the contract has been signed the user of the service may begin to use the parking place. The door of the parking cage opens when the card is placed near the reader at the side of the door. It is recommended that you do not leave the door open while parking, but make sure the door is firmly closed once you have left the parking cage.

9. LIMITED RESPONSIBILITY.  The cardholder is responsible for any use of the card by an unknown person up until the time that the UAB is notified of the card being lost, stolen or falsified, or after the notification if it can be shown that the cardholder has acted fraudulently or negligently with regard to the responsibilities set out in the conditions of use.

The UAB holds no responsibility for any prejudice that may occur as a result of failure by the cardholder to receive the communications sent for not notifying their contact details. 

The UAB holds no responsibility for bicycles parked in the bicycle parks nor for any personal objects which may accompany the bicycle. Users of the service are recommended to lock their bicycles to the supports provided in the cage.

Users of the service are recommended to take out insurance against civil responsibility and/or robbery of the bicycle. The UAB offers insurance at competitive prices. Information about BiciUAB insurance and contracting can be found at:

10. CHANGES IN THE CONDDITIONS OF THE SERVICE. The UAB reserves the right to modify the conditions initially agreed giving the user of the service prior notice. The user of the service will have 15 days to cancel the contract if they do not agree with the new conditions.

12. CAUSES FOR CANCELLATION OF THE CONTRACT. Failure to observe the responsibilities by either of the parties or changes which have been previously notified will be considered causes for the cancellation of the contract.

13.DATA PROTECTION. Your details area processed for the purpose of managing the BiciUAB bicycle parking service on the Bellaterra Campus of the UAB. Processing of your data does not involve automatized decisions or the production of profiles for the purpose of predicting personal preferences, behaviour or attitudes.

You may exercise your right to access, rectify, suppress, oppose or limit the processing and portability of your data by writing to the unit responsible for data processing at

You can obtain additional, detailed information about the processing of your data at:

1. Always lock your bike up well, even if it’s just for a moment.

When you are at home lock it up in the garage or storeroom and don’t leave the keys lying around.

When you are in the street look for the most popular parking spaces so that the bike will be in full view and less vulnerable.


2. Use a good lock. Use one or two hard steel “U” locks or similar. Spiral or cable locks can be used to block the saddle and the wheels.

3. Make sure the bike is in good condition: check the tyres, brakes and lights.

4. If you buy a second hand bike ask to see the original bill. It may have been stolen.