Cyclist insurance

Increasingly travelling by bike is becoming an alternative mode of transport for daily use, and providing a new scenario for urban mobility. However, because of its nature bicycle use can carry a number of risks (personal and to third parties). The UAB therefore recommends that cyclists take out the appropriate insurance.

The UAB is currently offering the BiciUAB insurance, which is a comprehensive policy for cyclists covering a range of risks.

It is a Civil Responsibility and Legal Defence insurance aimed at regular bicycle users who belong to the University Community of the UAB (students, teaching and research staff and administration, services staff and UAB Esfera).

BiciUAB insurance offers tailor-made cover for the specific needs of cyclists and their bicycles. It is an individual annual policy that costs just €20.17 a year.

If cyclists need broader cover there are three other products on offer. BiciUAB insurance and the Basic + Personal Injury modalities are fixed price. The cost of theft insurance depends on the value of the bicycle.  

At the following link you can compare prices and choose and contract on line the policy that best suits your needs.

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