UAB Mobility Plan

The Plan for Mobility is the basic planning document for shaping sustainable mobility strategies at the UAB. It cover the Bellaterra campus and is active for four years.  

The aim of the plan is to increase accessibility to the  university campus with criteria for sustainability, efficiency and safety in line with that established in the Law for Mobility of Catalonia of 2003, promote the use of active means of transport (walking and cycling), use of public transport and rationalise the use of private vehicles.

The UAB is becoming a key hub in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona and its activities, which are related to its three missions (teaching, research and transfer to society) have made it a powerful generator of mobility on different scales, but especially in the metropolitan area. Accessibility has therefore become a central element for the integration of the university in the region. 

Awareness of the strategic role of the university as a centre of activity and a driver for regional development means that we need the participation of all the competent authorities. All of the phases of the present Plan for Mobility have had the involvement of the agents of the UAB Mobility Discussion Table: the Government of Catalonia, Barcelona Metropolitan Transport Authority (ATM), the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB), Cerdanyola del Vallès Council and road and rail public transport operators, among others.

As a continuation of the first Plan for Mobility 2008-2014, this second Plan 2018-24 diagnoses accessibility to the campus in recent years and the impact of the mobility model generated, the evolutionary trends of the model in the coming years, the establishment of the desired model and the measures considered necessary to achieve this in current circumstances.

The Objectives of Sustainable Development

The Objectives of Sustainable Development