On the bus

Bikes on the UAB bus service

The UAB bus service forms part of the transport system of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB).

Since October 2013 bicycles have been allowed on the AMB buses, as long as they are foldable.

The Passenger Regulations of the Land Public Transport Services of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (exp. 3613/13, article 5, section i), of July 2013, state:

i) It is prohibited for bus users to bring onto the bus objects or materials which could be dangerous or cause a nuisance to other passengers and, in general, any object or package measuring more than 100x60x25 cm, except children’s pushchairs and foldable bicycles, duly folded up. However, despite this statement, for certain commonly used objects measuring more than that described above are authorised by transport operators and appear in specific conditions for the use of the services by those bringing such objects onto the bus.

Bikes on the intercity bus service

On 1 January 2015, regular intercity bus services operated under concession from the Government of Catalonia were authorised to transport bicycles for free but with a series of conditions:
  • Bicycles must be carried in the baggage hold of the vehicle except for foldable bicycles which can be taken onto the bus as long as the vehicle admits standing passengers.
  • As long as the maximum limit of bicycles transported in each vehicle is not exceeded (5 in the baggage hold and 2 on the bus).
  • Only bicycles in a clean condition will be admitted.