Bicycle repair service

Bicycle repair service

BiciUAB has a technician on hand to help with the maintenance of your bike. It’s important that you should not be held up in your daily life by your bike!

The costs below are approximate as it depends on exactly what you need to fix.

Repairs and approximate prices:

  Puncture repair and new inner tube: 
   Change of tyre:

   Change adjustment

   Change of brake cable and casing:

  Brake adjustment and change of V-brake pads (1 pair):


For more information you can contact the BiciUAB Service directly:
By phone on 93 675 45 70
From Monday to Friday: 10h-14h and 16h-20h.
Saturday: 10h-14h

By email:

The BiciUAB Service is located at the FGC-Universitat Autònoma railway station. See the location here.

Opening hours: 
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12.30pm to 3.30pm