Recommendations for using bicycle

Respect the pedestrians. Pedestrians always have priority and are the most vulnerable. Remember to move at a moderate speed and gently in pedestrian areas. Where there are a lot of pedestrians get off your bike.

Respect the highway code. It is there to ensure the safety of everyone who uses the public space. Indicate your intentions with the standard hand signals.

Keep your bike in good condition. Make regular checks on the condition of your bike. Remember to keep the tyres pumped up and check the brakes and chain regularly.

Use the cycle lanes. That is what they are there for. Choose your route to make maximum use of them. You’ll be safer.

Use appropriate safety measures. Use your bell, lights and reflectors when needed. A helmet is highly recommended and is obligatory on intercity roads.

Take out insurance for civil responsibility.

I want to move by bike! (Video available in Spanish)