Self-care and carers

Self-care: the attitude and aptitude to carry out voluntary and systematic activities aimed at maintaining good health and preventing illnesses.

We design our own projects related to loneliness and social isolation of elderly people and we offer scientific and technical support to government organisations, especially councils, in the development, use and evaluation of social interventions.

"Taking control of your health"

Our focus comes from our experience with the “Taking control of your health” programme at the Stanford University, for which we are an accredited trainer. The programme aims to facilitate changes in behaviour in participants through interactive and participative activities which allow them to develop habits of self-efficiency, internal motivation, problem-solving and the drawing up of action plans. The main objective is to strengthen the role of the person as the main party responsible for taking care of their health and offer them knowledge and skills to allow them to take control and generate internal motivation for looking after their own health. 

From that point, we have developed different support programmes emphasising the promotion of personal autonomy, self-esteem and self-confidence through groups dynamics of awareness and empowerment.

The FSiE has designed and tested different tools, methods and materials which facilitate carrying out our interventions by professionals, carers, and sometimes also the people in positions of dependency or suffering from chronic illnesses. All these resources are supported by pilot projects which have involved the participation of the beneficiaries in their development and evaluation.