Age-friendly towns and cities

As the proportion of elderly people increases, especially those aged 80 or more, the concern of local councils to provide for their needs and social demands also grows.

Faced with this situation, we have carried out diagnostic studies on elderly people followed by action plans centred on social care and the participation of elderly people. More recently, we have developed a broader focusses which traverse public policies to facilitate the development of the paradigm of active ageing.

To that end we have been one of the promoters of the “Age-friendly Cities” initiative of the World Health Organisation in our country.

An age-friendly city encourages active ageing through the optimisation of opportunities for health, participation and safety to improve the quality of life of people as they get older.

We worked with Barcelona City Council to carry out the initial diagnosis for the project and with the world network of age-friendly cities. At the end of the first five-year phase of the action plan, we also worked on the improvement plan which culminated with the “Barcelona Age-friendly Commitment”.