Loneliness and/or social isolation

Loneliness is a subjective feeling which has an impact on the way in which elderly people perceive their lives, their relationships, their self-esteem and their quality of life.

At the Foundation for Health and Ageing we design our own projects related to loneliness and social isolation of elderly people and we offer scientific and technical support to government organisations, especially councils, in the development, use and evaluation of social interventions.

We have tested experience in all phases of intervention, from diagnosis to individual approaches to care, as well as approaches to different situations of risk: lack of relations with relatives, elderly carers in situations of overload, mobility problems, difficulties with personal relations and social participation, among others. 

The FSiE has designed and tested different tools, methods and materials which facilitate carrying out our interventions by professionals, carers, and sometimes also the people suffering from cognitive impairment. All these resources are supported by pilot projects which have involved the participation of the beneficiaries in their development and evaluation.