Health Promotion and Prevention

Health prevention & promotion

Healthy Ageing: the process of developing and maintaining functional capacity which gives elderly people the possibility of wellbeing.

(Definition of "Healthy Ageing" from the World Health Organisation)

Functional capacity entails all health-related attributes which allow people to be and do what brings them most value. It is composed of intrinsic capacity, which includes all the physical and mental capacities of the individual, and the major characteristics of their surroundings; in other words, all the factors that make up their life context.

The UAB Health and Ageing Foundation carries out activities in innovation, research, consultancy and knowledge transfer in the field of healthy ageing. The promotion of physical and mental health aims to modify the paths of ageing, slowing down the loss of intrinsic capacity and functional capacity throughout the ageing process to maintain the maximum level of wellbeing and quality of life for the elderly.