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BE-SAFE: Implementing a patient-centred and evidence-based intervention to reduce BEnzodiazepine and sedativehypnotic use to improve patient SAFEty and quality of care  

The BE-SAFE project aims to improve patient safety by addressing related knowledge and clinical practice gaps with the reduction of drugs used in the treatment of sleep disorders in Europe. 

That is why it will have the participation of experts and patients to promote an interdisciplinary and intersectorial approach. BE-SAFE is a European research project funded by the Horizon program of the European Commission within the HORIZON-HLTH-2021-CARE-05-01 work program: Improving the quality of care and patient safety. The duration will be from 2022 to 2027. The project is coordinated by the Université catholique de Louvain (Brussels) and has a consortium of 8 partners plus the collaboration and advice of Choosing Wisely Canada

The project will be developed based on 7 workpackages as diverse as: 

  • document the use of sleeping pills in Europe and especially in 6 countries of the European region (Belgium, Norway, Spain, Greece, Switzerland and Poland), describe the clinical itineraries and highlight the current barriers and facilitators in the deprescription of pills for sleeping, 
  • develop a clinical practice guideline for the reduction of sleeping pills and adapt locally to each country, as well as recommendations for its implementation 
  • define a method to reduce the use of sleeping pills that is most likely to be successful and based on scientific evidence. 
  • develop educational materials aimed at professionals, patients and caregivers 
  • develop a randomized clinical trial with 470 patients from 6 countries to implement an intervention aimed at discontinuing the prescription of sleeping pills in people over 65 years of age 
  • assemble a team of experts to develop recommendations and best practices. 
  • organize a stable consultative body in the form of a Patient Advisory Council (PAC), made up of patients, informal carers and organizations of older people and patients that will advise on all aspects of the project. 

The Fundació Salut i Envelliment UAB will participate extensively in all project workpackages and will especially coordinate the development of the clinical trial in Barcelona, as well as the organization of the activities of the Patient Advisory Council (PAC). Finally, it will define and implement the project's dissemination and communication plan. 

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