Consultancy at the Foundation for Health and Ageing

Our focus in on the paradigm of Active Ageing of the World Health Organisation (2001) – a concept that paces the elderly at the centre and recognises their diversity and co-responsibility.

Active ageing is the process of optimising opportunities for health, participation and safety with the aim of improving life quality for people as they grow older.

In lines with this our projects contribute to ensuring:

  • That Government organisation facilitate quality of life for the elderly in our society, especially in cities and particularly in health, social services and social participation
  • That companies understand the needs, aspirations and preferences of elderly people and rethink their products and services accordingly.
  • That elderly people take control of their own lives, taking opportunities and approaching any difficulties that present themselves throughout the ageing process in a better way.
Our work has included a large number of projects covering a wide range of topics. In fact, we encourage our professionals to continually ask themselves new questions and offer new answers.