Geriatrics and health of the elderly

REMI Programme


The REMI programme aims to contribute to the prevention of cognitive impairment in dependent elderly people, as well as the reduction of their symptoms. The design of the project is based on Reminiscence Therapy, and it is an initiative of the Foundation for Health and Ageing (FSiE) of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. The Catalan Association for Care Resources (ACRA) participates in the project as a collaborating partner in the plan for its development and diffusion in Catalonia.


REMI offers a set of tools and resources to carry out group interventions in social care centres and social health centres. One the one hand it includes a guide and a protocol for flexible intervention, with guidance and recommendations for implementation. On the other, it provides a broad set of audio-visual resources, specially selected as strong simulants for memories and emotion of live experiences of the elderly in the past. The REMI programme is supported by the ”la Caixa” Foundation funding for the Promotion of Autonomy and Care during Ageing, Disability and Dependence 2016.