Research chairs

Chairs of the Foundation for Health and Ageing

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona plans for the creation of research chairs in its research regulations (Recast text approved in the Agreement of the Governing Council on 2 March 2011). The Foundation for Health and Ageing of the UAB manages several of them.

Research chairs provide an instrument for formalising an making public broad and lasting collaboration agreements with organisations or companies, with the aim of promoting research and knowledge transfer activities.

They respond to the need to strengthen the relationship between the university community and the socio-economic environment, and they are expected to produce a broad spectrum of activities and provide a strategic long-term pledge. 

The activities to be carried out in the research chairs are set out in the creation agreement and may include the following:

  • Research activities in the area which is the object of the chair.
  • Dissemination of the activities of the chair.
  • Organisation of seminars and scientific and technical meetings related to the chair.
  • Advice offered to the organisation or company promoting the chair on innovation and development as well as preferential information on research projects in the lines of research agreed upon in the creation agreement.
  • Preference for the organisation or company promoting the chair when carrying out shared research, development and/or knowledge transfer projects and the search for university professionals and technology of interest to them.
  • Promotion of the company in the physical and virtual spaces of the UAB.

For the monitoring and evaluation of the activity of the research chairs a joint committee is created for each, which must include a minimum of: 

  • a representative from the UAB, designated by the rector
  • a representative from the organisation promoting the chair, designated by the person responsible for the organisation
  • a person from the FSiE-UAB as the manager of the chair, where appropriate.

 The chairs have a director nominated by the rector on the recommendation of the joint committee.