Se4All Project

A solution to achieve the appropriate level of selenium in Se-deficient diets

The UAB leads the European project Se4All to produce selenium-enriched milk products and cheeses by biofortifying alfalfa with this micronutrient through foliar application. The aim is to find a solution to reach an adequate level of selenium in diets poor in this mineral. The kick-off meeting for the project will be taking place on 22 and 23 June.

Cova Gran

Homo sapiens "Linya" lived in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula 14,000 years ago

Researchers from the CEPARQ-UAB working at the Cova Gran de Santa Linya have discovered the remains of a Homo sapiens female living in the eastern Pre-Pyrennees during the Upper Palaeolithic period, around 14,000 years ago. The study of Linya, as she has been named, will allow delving deeper into what is known about them and how hunter-gatherers lived in the northeastern part of the peninsula.

ECIU Agora

New ECIU University challenges for the next semester

UAB students can join international teams in any of the 12 institutions belonging to the ECIU University that aim to solve real-life challenges. Of the 18 challenges open for enrolment at this moment, two are offered by the UAB.

Institutionals news

Facultat de Veterinària

The UAB ranks among the top 100 universities in seven academic subjects

The fourth edition of the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects, which classifies the top universities in 54 different academic subjects, ranks the UAB among the top 100 universities worldwide in 7 academic subjects: Veterinary Sciences, Geography, Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology, Ecology, Economics and Oceanography.