Evaluation of the Bachelor's subjects and Master's modules

Student opinion on the content of subjects/modules is essential to detecting strong and weak points in development.  Their assessment allows the necessary adjustments to be made so that the qualifications respond to users’ learning expectations.

The questionnaire on subjects/modules is activated within Campus Virtual at the end of each teaching semester.

Students evaluate all those subjects/modules for which they have received teaching over the  corresponding semester. In the second semester of each academic year, the annually taught subjects/modules are also activated.

Answer the survey

You an complete this survey for web.

Performance Reports

  • Report on global results

                    Reports 2018-19                     1st semester           2nd semester
                    Reports 2017-18                     1st semester           2nd semester
                    Reports 2016-17                     1st semester           2nd semester          
                    Reports 2015-16                     1st semester           2nd semester
  • Individual teacher report (since academic year 2018/19): teaching staff, degree coordination, department management and the government teams of the centers can check the individual teacher report on: Manual of access to the result reports of the subject/module surveys
  • Individual teacher report until academic year 2017/18
    • The subject's teacher, who may wiew the subject results through Campus Virtual or survey link subjects.
    • Degree Coordinators, who may view all subject/modul results of their degree through the Survey's Viewer (personal NIU)
    • Center management Teams, who may view all subject/modul results of their center's degrees through the Survey's Viewer (deanery/address institutional NIU).


Questionnaire on subjects (in Catalan) (PDF, 0,01MB)
Questionnaire on modules (in Catalan) (PDF, 0,02MB)
Questionnaire on studies final project (PDF, )
Questionnaire on work placements (PDF, )