Employers survey

AQU started in 2014 he first study of employers (companies, institutions and professionals) of the different branches of economic activities was launched in 2014, with the aim of collecting and analyzing their opinion on the quality and competencies of graduates recruited over the past five years.
The employers perspective completes the point of view of recent graduates, that has been collected in the employability studies.

Performance Reports

1. All economic branches (excluding public administration, education and health), done in 2014 over a total of 1.325 companies, institutions and professionals (see more information on AQU)

Brief summary of the main results

Full report Employability and competencies of recent graduates: the opinion of companies and institutions

General survey questionnaire 2014

2. Public administration, done in 2014 over a total of 11 departments of the Generalitat de Catalunya (see more information on AQU)

Presentation Employability and competencies of graduate population in the public sector in Catalonia

Public administration survey questionnaire 2014

3. Education, done in 2015 over a total of 281 primary and secondary schools (results will be presented during the last quarter of 2015).

School survey questionnaire 2015

4. Health (medicine and nursing) (results will be presented during the last quarter of 2015).